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7 Disney Movie Villains You’ll Definitely Meet In Real Life

What If Disney Villains Were Real?

Now you may think they wouldn’t be so scary since they wouldn’t have all their magic backing them up. However, it seems like they might be more scheming and might even fly under the radar.

We all meet evil people in our lives. People who are poisonous and will do anything to achieve what they want. Even if it means hurting others. So it might be that you have already met some of the following Disney Villains.

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#1 The Evil Queen.

The Evil Queen

#2 The Ursula.

The Ursula

#3 The Scar.

The Scar

#4 The Jafar.

The Jafar

#5 The Hades.

The Hades

#6 The Frollo.

The Frollo

#7 The Cruella De Vil.

The Cruella De Vil

Have you met these kind of people before? Or are you actually the one doing all the scheming? Comment on below and let us know.