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Disney Movies Would Have Been A Lot Darker If They Had These Realistic Endings

What if Disney movies did not have a happy ending?

I mean we all know life doesn’t have a happy ending. It is usually death so why should these fictional characters get a happy ending? They should not so that is why reddit users created alternative endings for our beloved Disney movies.

Do beware though, as your childhood memories might be tainted.

#1 Aladdin.

Via StewieBanana

#2 UP.

Via Manof59Cheeses

#3 Frozen.

Via Sargon16

#4 Cinderella. 

Via robotqt1

#5 Wall-E.

Via shatoamime

#6 The Lion King.

The Lion King
Via TheMentelgen

#7 Mulan.

Via vo0d0ochild

#8 Pocahontas.

Via mirrorspirit

#9 Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast
Via brexinga

#10 Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc
Via lcl82

#11 Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo
Via frylock350

Did these ruin your childhood? Or do you prefer these endings (you sicko!)? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.