These Totally Fucked-Up Versions of Disney Movies Will Be Completely Worth Watching!

Disney movies are all about the good, the sweet and the pure.

However, the internet is the strangest of places where die-hard Disney fandom is crazy enough to conjure up some truly fucked up fan fiction and “what-ifs”.

Don’t believe it?

See for yourself!

The Revenge of Cinderella!

The Revenge of Cinderella

Source: IG

The Too-Literal Gaston!

The Too-Literal Gaston

Source: IG

The Weird Sleeping Beauty!

The Weird Sleeping Beauty

Source: IG

WTF Mulan!

WTF Mulan

Source: IG

Daayyyuuummm Aladdin!


Source: IG

Bad Choice!

Bad Choice

Source: IG

The Creepy AF Ariel!

The Creepy AF Ariel

Source: IG

Hold it Right There Tiana!

Hold it Right There Tiana

Source: IG

Poca Poca!

Poca Poca

Source: IG

Fucked up, eh?

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