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5+ Reasons As To Why Disney Princes Are Horrible Boyfriends

Love is blind.

I mean, what other reason could there be for these Princesses to fall for these people? I understand that each one of them has dreamy eyes, but that does not make up for their mostly douche behavior.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, let me explain why all of the following Princes make such bad boyfriends.

#1 Simba. 

Via Disney

First of all, Simba is Nala’s cousin. And ignoring that huge fact for a moment, this guy serenades her and then leaves her be. Does that really sound like love?

#2 Aladdin. 

Via Disney

Aladdin is a liar, and that is a fact. I mean, he wishes to be a Prince but mucks up his wish. I don’t understand why Jasmine is okay when she learns he is homeless.

#3 Prince Henry.

Prince Henry
Prince Henry and Cinderella are literal strangers, and yet he goes out to find a lady who has the right size to wear a glass slipper? Does he have a foot fetish?

#4 Prince Eric.

Prince Eric
Via Disney

Prince Eric is quite self-absorbed. How could he not remember the face of the woman who saved her life? And to top it all off, he goes on to marry the brunette with the voice.

#5 The Beast.

The Beast
Via Disney

We get it, you were cursed, so you have the right to be angry, But you have no right to kidnap a man just because he ‘stole’ a flower and force his daughter to stay with you.

#6 John Smith.

John Smith
Via Disney

He may seem like an upstanding guy, but he did usher in the genocide of an entire people. Pay attention to history kids!

#7 Flynn Rider. 

Flynn Rider
Via Disney

He is a thief. There are ‘bad boys,’ and then there are lawbreakers and he is certainly gonna end up in jail. He is not Robin Hood, you know.

#8 Li Shang.

Li Shang
Via Disney

Li Shang is sexist as hell. I mean, he won’t let any woman join ‘his’ army.

#9 Kristoff.

Via Disney

Kristoff is an ice harvester and no matter how much you want to believe it, Ice harvesting is not a real job.