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Be A Disney Princess For A Day With This Crown-Themed Makeup Look

Let your inner Princess shine through.

And when you’re wearing this much bling. Nobody will be able to ignore your inner princess. Maybe that is what this makeup look in intended for. This the crown you deserve and you will get to rock it right on your eyelids.


This sparkly trend started with the 19-year-old Nebraska-based MUA, Marissa Melhorn.

And it has taken the Internet by a storm.

Every one is trying to recreate it.

While also putting their own unique spin on it.

I mean who wouldn’t want this on their eyelid?

But it looks like, it takes some serious hard-work.

The crowned eyebrow is now even a thing.

What will the Internet do next? What about you? Do you like this new sparkly trend or is it too much for you? Comment on below and let us know!