Someone Reimagined Disney Princesses as Cement Mixers Because Why The Fuck Not!

The world of Disney fandom never ceases to amaze us. We thought the Disney princess reimagination industry reached its apotheosis when they were turned into hot dogs, but somehow that wasn’t enough to stop the internet, NO FUCKIN WAY!

So, basically someone woke up one day and thought the next best thing to do with her/his time and to express her/his “love” for Disney princesses was to turn them into…… “CEMENT MIXERS!

Thank God, they didn’t decide on describing what kind of a secret ingredient the Princes were mulling about “putting in” these mixers. Oh wait! Did we just say that out aloud?

Well then, let’s take a look at the genius’ work then, shall we?

“Remember, You’re The One Who Can Fill The World With Cement!”

Who Can Fill The World With Cement

Source: IM

We’re sure she can mix a mean batch of Snowy-White cement!

“We’re Together Now, Everything’s Going to be Fine….ly Mixed?

We're Together Now

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This is a great mix on a good twist!

“Who Says That My Erm…Materials Not Have to be Mixed!”

Who Says That My Erm

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Let’s just mix some stuff up, Princess!

“Sometimes, The Right Mix is Not Always The Easiest One!”

The Right Mix is Not Always The Easiest One

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Drop a solid foundation to defeat the Huns, Girrrrlll!

“Let it Mixxxxxx!!!!”

Let it Mixxxxxx

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That mix better not be……….Frozen! LOLOLOL!!!!!

“It’s Not on the Outside but The Mix Inside That Counts!”

It's Not on the Outside but The Mix Inside That Counts

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Princess, let me show you how to make a good mix *Wink, Wink*

So, what are your thoughts on these Disney Mixers, erm, Princesses?

Let us know in the comments below!