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8 Of Our Beloved Disney Princesses Re-Imagined As Mermaids

What if all Disney Princesses were mermaids?

I mean, Ariel would certainly have a lot more friends that a fish and a crab. And she probably would have signed the contract by Ursula. But we are getting off track here.

One talented illustrator, The Nameless Doll, wanted to re-imagine our favorite Disney Princesses as mermaids. And I have to say; she did a pretty amazing job.

And before you ask… No, Elsa is not included since she would probably freeze the whole ocean.

#1 Belle. 


How is she reading a book underwater?

#2 Cinderella. 


Don’t fall in love with the prince, trust me.

#3 Tiana. 


Well, at least you are not a frog.

#4 Mulan. 


Gonna be a bit hard fighting in the war now.

#5 Megara. 


Yes, we know Megara isn’t really a Disney Princess but who cares!? As said by the illustrator.

[Meg is] not an official princess no, but I do love all the Disney ladies and thought ‘Why not?’

#6 Pocahontas. 


Painting with all the colors of the sea?

#7 Aurora. 


I thought she’d be asleep.

#8 Jasmine. 


She is looking as fierce as ever, but is that really surprising?

Which one of these Disney mermaids is your favorite? Comment on below as we would love to know!