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10 Disney Princesses Re-Imagined As RPG Characters

Who wouldn’t like a Disney Princesses game?

And I don’t mean the usual Disney princess game with the dressing up and makeup. I mean where they are turned into actual badasses from the usual damsel in distress.

Who wouldn’t like to see Cinderella kick some serious butt? If she was a character from a game, she would have ‘dealt’ with her sisters quite a long time ago. Now, I don’t know about you but my wish is finally fulfilled so take a look below at this unique re-imagination of our favorite princesses.

#1 Pocahontas. 

Via Imgur

I myself imagined her as an elemental mage.

#2 Jasmine. 

Via Imgur

Yah, that seems right but the gene does not look happy.

#3 Cinderella. 

Via Imgur

Is it me or did she get shorter?

#4 Aurora. 

Via Imgur

When did she get into the dark arts?

#5 Tiana. 

Via Imgur

I have no idea what to say about this.

#6 Rapunzel.

Via Imgur

Wouldn’t her hair get into the way of her thieving?

#7 Mulan. 

Via Imgur

Wasn’t she already a warrior though?

#8 Merida. 

Via Imgur

Yup, that is exactly what she is already although her bow did get really big.

#9 Snow White. 

Snow White
Via Imgur

Ah the classic Snow White.

#10 Belle. 

Via Imgur

Does this mean the beast is actual beast and not a prince?

What are your thoughts on this creative re-imagination? Do you think the artist did these Princesses justice? Or are they missing something?