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Artist Revamped Famous Disney Princesses Into Brave Pirates

Disney – almost everyone’s childhood.

Most of us grew up singing along to Disney soundtracks, dressed up as Cinderella, holding our wands and pretending to be princesses. Disney made us explore our imaginations and believe that there is a bit of magic in all of us.

There have been a lot of re-imaginations regarding Disney princesses. We love seeing them take on new colours and roles. It brings back a part of our childhood and makes our imagination and fantasies fresh again. We’ve seen Disney princesses as a lot of things, but have you seen them as pirates?

Yenthe Joline is a Dutch artist who loves mermaids, fairies, and pirates. The 19-year-old’s obsession with fairytale characters inspired her to create art where she merged Disney princesses and pirates. Check out her cool art below:


1. Ariel.

2. Anna.

3. Tiana.

4. Mulan.

5. Aurora.

6. Elsa.

So what did you think about these princesses as pirates? Voice your opinions in the comments below.