Here’s What’s On Offer On Disney’s Streaming Service!


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Last year, Disney dropped a bomb by announcing its plans for a standalone streaming service that would feature content exclusively from the mouse house. This was a huge news because: (A) It would mean that the streaming market – that features primarily Netflix, Amazon and Hulu – was about to be shaken up with the entry of the strongest-possible competitor and (B) The whole Disney line-up of shows and movies was about to be dropped exclusively on this service.

Now, a new sneak peek at the service’s catalogue and other details have been obtained by Deadline they are pretty exciting!

The Service is Rumored to be Called “DisneyLife”


Source: TC

According to the report, the initial slate of content will include four to five original movies and five TV shows – in the budget of $25 million – $35 million – in its first year. However, unlike other streaming services, NONE of the shows or movies will be Rated-R.

Following is the tentative line-up of movies and TV shows that the service will debut with:


1. High School Musical

2. Animated “Monsters Inc.” Series

3. A Marvel Live-Action Title

4. A “Star Wars” Live-Action Title


1. Don Quixote

2. Lady and the Tramp (Directed by Julia Hart)

3. The Paper Magician

4. Stargirl

5. Togo (Directed by Ericson Core)

6. Three Men and a Baby

7. Sword and the Stone

8. Timmy Failure (With Tom McCarthy involved)

Fans of the Marvel-Netflix series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones can breathe a sigh of relief as these shows will continue to stream on Netflix only. At least for now.

How excited are you with the news of the new streaming service by Disney?

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