15+ Disney Vacation Hacks That Will Save You Hundreds Of Bucks

If you find you are planning a trip to Disney, then you need to read this post carefully. We bring you many ways to save on your visit to the magical world of Disney without having to miss the fun. Take note of each of these tips and save a couple of dollars on your next visit.

Disney Vacation Hacks
Source: Pop Sugar

1. If you are celebrating your birthday on your first visit, tell the park staff

Disney gives you a free button if you are celebrating your birthday or is your first time in one of their parks. With this button you will probably get benefits like a free cupcake or any other special gift from the characters.

In addition, if you stay in a Disney Resort hotel you can receive a phone call from a character who wishes you Happy Birthday.

2. Order your food in group

Some Disney dishes are huge, so save a little money by ordering a dish that several people eat.

You can even order an extra plate to distribute the food or ask the innkeeper to distribute the food for you, without any additional charge.

3. Rent your stroller by pre-payment online

Rent your stroller by pre-payment online
Source: Disney Fanatic

When you pre-pay your stroller on-line you get a special discount, lowering $2 to your rent (if you are single) or $4 (if you are in couple).

4. Visit the park in January or September

January and September are the off-season months because children are in school. Furthermore (generally) in California and Florida in this month the weather is really nice.

5. Enjoy lunch

You will see how you save a lot of money if you decide to eat a big or heavy lunch rather than having a little lunch and having to have a full dinner. This is because lunches are between 15 and 20% more cheap than dinners.

6. And if you can eat more at breakfast, better

If the beliefs that the lunch savings relate to dinner is significant, and the surprising ones know that at breakfast they can eat much more than at lunch for 35% less than the price. So enjoy a good breakfast so that at lunch you do not have to spend a lot of money.

7. If your child have less than 3 years old you save

If your child have less than 3 years old you save
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Children under 3 do not need a ticket for get into the park nor a FastPass to skip lines.

8. No need to buy bottled water

Any restaurant  can give you a glass of water completely free.

9. And if you prefer, take your own water

Disney allows you to carry your own bottle of water or food as long as there is no glass and they are kept in a cooler bag that there is no sea larger than 24x15x18.

10. Target will help you save

Target will help you save
Source: Target Fanatic

If you buy the Disney gift cards in Target gets the discounts of 5%. With these cards you can buy food, souvenirs or anything else you want.

11. Save your phone’s battery

If you adjust the lock screen to watch your FastPass program to save battery. Get the application of my Disney Experience on your smartphone and once you select your FastPass+ games in Disney World, take a screenshot of your programming and configure the image as your lock screen. This way, you don’t have to open the application every time you want to check your reservations.

The application is also useful for checking line times, restaurant reservations and more.

12. If you want to enjoy a parade or a show, go to the second demonstration

In the first demonstration there will always be more people, so you can take advantage of that time to see some attractions that are less crowded.

13. Skip the rows around 12:00

Skip the rows around
Source: Daily Mail

In the morning, there is less queuing for attractions, so the time at which FastPass + will be most useful is between 11 AM and 2 PM, which is when there are more people in the park.

14. If you have special tickets you can also enjoy the rest of the park

If you do not go to the park in the daytime, but at night to enjoy some special show, which most of the time starts at 7pm, you can call to know how far in advance you can arrive.

In most cases they let you enter with up to 3 hours in advance, time that you can use to visit and enjoy the rest of the park.

15. Wear your ponchos

The ponchos in the park cost around 15 $, if you buy at Walmart you can save about $ 14.

16. Prefers Costco Stores

Prefers Costco Stores
Source: Mouse Owners

Since these stores have discounted tickets and travel packages.

They also have a variety of offers for Disneyland and Disney World including up to 25% discount on Disney Resort Hotels, Disney $ 150 gift cards and special gifts like memory photo packages included for free when you purchase an all inclusive package .

17. Save on weekday

If you plan to visit Disneyland for just one day we recommend going on a weekday and save about $ 27.

18. Never buy tickets from Craigslist or eBay

It may be fake tickets and you may realize it once you’ve arrived in Disney. There is no way to verify the authenticity of these tickets.

19. You do not have to buy an autograph book

You do not have to buy an autograph book
Source: Mom Endeavors

Autograph books that is sell in the park can cost more than $20. So our recommendation is that you make your own book, you can take a couple of photos of you or decorative cards for your favorite characters to autograph.

20. Instead of renting a stroller you can buy one

You can buy a cheap stroller online and ask to have it sent to your hotel, this way you will save the rent of it.

21. Avoid long lines with the Disney Rider Switch

It is a free service that will help you avoid the long lines. If you have a small child who can not ride the attraction you can make the line the first time, see how others enjoy the attraction while you care for your child and then ride you, without needing to form again. You can even join any of those already mounted.

22. Use a CityPASS from Southern California

You can save up to 29% on the cost of tickets and have ‘Magic Morning Hours’, this is enjoy the park one before opening.

23. The FastPass+

The FastPass
Source: Slate

It’s a free ticket along with your entry tickets, lets you skip 3 lines quickly and you can choose which lines to skip from the Disney Experience app.

A FastPass+ is given for each entry ticket.

24. Continue using the FastPass+

If you have already used the 3 free passes you can go to a kiosk and book more. You can only book 1 at a time.

25. FastPass, without +

Disneyland FastPass is different from FastPass+. They are free but are reserved at the entrance of each attraction, in addition there is only a set number available for each hour of operation of the trip.

To save time you can take the entrance tickets of the whole group to the kiosk of the attraction and ask for all FastPass. If you take turns, while one asks for the FastPass of all, the rest enjoys other attractions.

26. Put an organizer in your stroller for drinks

Put an organizer in your stroller for drinks
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Not much more to say. This will make things easier for you and make your ride more comfortable.

27. MaxPass

For $ 10 you can get FastPasses from your phone, with the official app that we have mentioned before. The cost is per ticket, per person.

In addition, you not only get more FastPasses, but you can also download PhotoPass from your trip to Disney.

28. Use “disconnected” attractions to skip FastPass rules

The “disconnected” attractions of the system do not follow the rules of booking a FastPass at the same time, so you can have a reservation in one of these attractions and another in other without problem.

Currently, the only “disconnected” attraction at Disneyland is Fantasmic! and in California it is World of color.

29. Use your Visa card

Use your Visa card
Source: Disney Rewards

If you have a Disney Visa card and you use it to buy in the park, you can get up to 10% discount on your purchases, foods and selected goods in the park.

30. Employ the services of an authorized Disney Vacation Planner

These services are free and can provide you with benefits such as discounts on entry tickets.

31. Book through an airline

While earning frequent flyer points you can get discounts.

32. Collect Southwest Rapid Rewards and get a free flight for an escort

Collect Southwest Rapid Rewards and get a free flight for an escort
Source: YouTube

You can get flies tickets for free for a year if you meet 110,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points in a year. So you can go to Disney as many times as you want saving the cost of the fly ticket.

33. Enjoy the benefits of staying at a Disney Resort hotel

When you stay at a Disney Resort Hotel in Disney World or Disneyland, you have access to up to four additional hours of park time, 1 hour before it opens and 3 hours after closing.

34. Use your hotel’s shuttle service

If your hotel has this service you can save money in the parking lot.

35. All your cents count

All your cents count
Source: Disney Dining

At Disney there is a pence machine where you can mark your coins with Disney figures for just $ 0.51.

36. Have breakfast at your hotel

So you can save a lot of money in the park.

37. Reserve your meals

To save time in the park you can book in the restaurants you will eat before.

38. If you are in the army you have discounts

If you are in the army you have discounts
Source: Orlando Florida

Both for family and friends. It does not matter if you are active or retired.

39. Change your pins for gifts

The cast members of Disney who wear a drawstring accept pines in exchange for fun activities. The pins must be from Disney and be in good condition.

40. If you buy your tickets with an authorized dealer you can save

You will save between $2 and $10 in the price of your ticket.

41. Indiana Jones and Space Mountain have FastPass in the morning

Indiana Jones and Space Mountain have FastPass in the morning
Source: Disney At Work

And if you go to California Adventure, get FastPasses in the morning for these rides:

  • Radiator Springs Corridors.
  • Soarin ‘about California.
  • Tower of Terror.