Donald Trump Has Joined Disney “World’s Hall Of Presidents” And His Statue Is Pure Nightmare Fuel!

World's Hall Of Presidents

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Disney World’s Hall of Presidents, aka the attraction you go to when it’s 90 degrees and 99% humidity, just got a new addition this week.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, That Right There is President Donald Trump!

President Donald Trump

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The attraction re-opened on December 19 after a year of renovations, which included adding the new Trump animatronic.

Err…..Sir….Are You Ok?

Err Sir

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Andrew Johnson in the background there is not having it!

Among other things that are wrong (LOL!), there’s the uncanny resemblance to Jon Voight to start with.

Like, Seriously!


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And The Comparisons Keep Coming!

And The Comparisons Keep Coming

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This Guy Just Took it to Another Level!

This Guy Just Took it to Another Level

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None of the Other Presidents Seem Too Thrilled to Have Him There!

None of the Other Presidents Seem Too Thrilled

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Even the Bot Itself is Not Too Happy With Itself!

Happy With Itself

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Although in Some Ways, it Actually Looks Pretty Accurate!

Actually Looks Pretty Accurate

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 And Also, This Had to Happen!

This Had to Happen

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 Also New to the Display is Spikes!

Also New to the Display is Spikes

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Check out the bot in motion below:

Have a Good Day!

Have a Good Day

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What do you think of the new bot?

Planning to visit it anytime soon?

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