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Elliot Page Gets Candid On Two Year Secret Relationship With A Closeted Celebrity

The star of ‘Umbrella Academy’, Elliot Page, recently published his memoir ‘Pageboy’ in which he provides us with insight on his life and relationships. Page, who came out as a lesbian in 2014 after coming out as transgender in 2020, disclosed romances with co-stars and associates like Kate Mara and Olivia Thirlby. Aside from this, he also mentioned a relationship with an unnamed woman (strong speculation suggests she was a closeted celebrity) in his mid-twenties. Here’s what we know: 

How did the romance start between Page and his secret partner?

Elliot Page recalls meeting when they were making a film together and says that they would “hold hands under a blanket in the back of the transpo van”. Despite their huge romance, his girlfriend at the time wasn’t ready to go public, apparently she is still not ready as Page has not mentioned her name anywhere. The Juno star writes, “My partner was more closeted than me for a change. We were together for almost two years, and even some of my closest friends were not aware I was in a relationship.” In addition to that, Elliot says that his partner’s parents weren’t aware of the relationship either, in fact they went out of their way to avoid being seen by paparazzi or the public as well.

“I was the friend that came for Christmas. Only her sister and two of her friends knew. We never touched outside, we barely went to dinner. She was in my phone under the name ‘Ryan.'”

Elliot Page about his secret relationship

How did the relationship between Elliot Page and his girlfriend end?

Elliot reminisces on the good times and the bad in his memoir and he also recalls realizing that they were at different places in their journeys. Ultimately, Page notes that their relationship wasn’t built to last. He comments on the end of their relationship saying “It was not a sustainable relationship, just like when I had kept people hidden. The lying, the anxiety, the disgust. People didn’t ‘think she was queer,’ but they definitely assumed I was, and I don’t think she could handle the shame. Ultimately, she had to do what was best for her, and unfortunately it resulted in my heart being shattered.”