Emily Blunt Addresses Viral Video Of Her Fat Shaming Her Waitress

Emily Blunt has spoken out after a past video of her making insensitive comments about a waitress’s weight was brought back into the public eye. The actress took to social media to share her regret for her remarks on the 2012 episode of the Jonathan Ross Show.

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What is the fat-phobic video of Emily Blunt that has gone viral?

The context of the video was that Emily, on the Jonathan Ross Show, recalled going to a Chili’s restaurant while filming a movie named Looper  and making an offensive joke about her server. To begin, talk show host Jonathan Ross observed, “If you go to Chili’s, you can see why so many of our American friends are enormous.” “Well, the girl who was serving me was enormous,” Emily said. I think she got freebie meals at Chili’s.” This clip aired back in 2012 and just recently the internet has brought it back, invoking anger and disappointment by social media users and fans towards the actress.

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What has Emily Blunt said about her fat-phobic comments?

After facing intense backlash, the Oppenheimer actress has recently admitted that she regrets commenting on someone’s weight during her 2012 appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show. In a statement that was given to NBC News, Emily began: “I just need to address this head-on as my jaw was on the floor watching this clip from 12 years ago, I’m appalled that I would say something so insensitive, hurtful, and unrelated to whatever story I was trying to tell on a talk show.”

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Continuing, the Edge of Tomorrow alum stated, that she has “always considered myself someone who wouldn’t dream of upsetting anyone so whatever possessed me to say anything like this in that moment is unrecognizable to me or anything I stand for. Yet it happened, and I said it and I’m so sorry for any hurt caused. I was absolutely old enough to know better.”