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Eva Maria Daniels: The Visionary Producer of Indie Hits Passes Away At 43

Producer Eva Maria Daniels Passes Away At 43 Due To Cancer

The indie film industry is mourning the loss of a remarkable talent as Eva Maria Daniels, the acclaimed Icelandic producer, has passed away at the age of 43. She is known for her exceptional work on independent dramas such as “What Maisie Knew,” “Hold the Dark,” and “Joe Bell.” With a keen eye for compelling stories and a dedication to supporting unique voices, she became an invaluable contributor to the industry.

Eva Maria Daniels Lost Her Life To Cancer

Eva Maria Daniels, a talented producer, passed away in London after a battle with cancer, as confirmed by her friend and publicist. She faced her diagnosis with strength and declared herself cancer-free a year later.

Source: Mark Davis/Getty Images

Known for her work on notable films like “Reality” and collaborations with directors such as Oren Moverman, Daniels left an indelible mark on the industry. Her recent accomplishments included executive producing impactful films like “Time Out of Mind” and “The Dinner.” Throughout her career, she fostered fruitful partnerships, notably with producer Riva Marker and distributor A24.

Eva Maria Daniels: A Journey of Filmmaking and Artistic Exploration

Eva Maria Daniels, born in Reykjavik on July 5, 1979, studied business and philosophy at the University of Iceland. She later obtained a film production degree from KBH Film & Fotoskole in Copenhagen in 2003. With experience at post-production companies The Mill and Company 3, Daniels launched her own production company, Eva Daniels Productions, in New York in 2010.

Source: Filippo Bamberghi

Her notable projects included “The Romantics” (2010), “Goats” (2012), and “End of Sentence” (2019). Daniels also ventured into the art world, opening an art gallery in Switzerland to showcase Icelandic artists.

As we reflect on her all-too-brief career, we honor Daniels’ contributions and the legacy she leaves behind.