Surprising Facts About Walt Disney That You Didn’t Know

For 51 years Walt Disney has stopped being among us, but his empire and his creations are still alive, as if he had never left us. In this opportunity I will give you to know more of curious facts about the life of Walt Disney that surely you did not know.

Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney
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1. Suffering from dyslexia

Suffering from dyslexia
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Walt Disney suffered from dyslexia. His problem was reflected in the cartoon of “FANTASIA” because the magician of this one was called “Yensid” that is “Disney” in reverse.

2. Was the voice of Mickey Mouse for 2 decades

Was the voice of Mickey Mouse for 2 decades
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After several failed attempts to find someone to make the voice of the famous mouse, Walt Disney decided to do it and it was not until 2 decades after he stopped making the voice for the most famous mouse in the world.

3. Sense of humor

Once Walt Disney was asked how he was wearing a celebrity. “It has never helped me make a good movie or hit a pole, or my daughter obey me. It does not even help me with the fleas that infest my dogs,” he replied.

4. Early draftsman

Sense of humor
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As a young man, Walt loved to draw and he dedicated himself to it passionately. He spent hours in the woods, watching the animals, then drawing them in his notebook.

5. Rail Hobby

Rail Hobby
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Walt Disney was a big fan of the trains, to the point that a locomotive, fully functional, 1/8 scale was built in the garden of his home in California.

6. Change of name

Walt Disney chose the name of Mortimer for his most famous animated mouse, but his wife Lillian convinced him to change it for Mickey.

7. Entertain

Walt Disney said: “I prefer to entertain people with the hope that they learn something to teach them in the hope that they entertain”

8. Forbidden to wear a mustache

Although 7 of the 8 Snow White dwarfs had a beard and Walt Disney’s own mustache, since the opening of the first Disney theme park, employees were strictly forbidden to wear a beard or mustache for aesthetic reasons.

9. One of the most awarded

One of the most awarded
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The person most rewarded by the Academy is Walt Disney. Donald’s father garnered more than 60 nominations and 26 Oscars.

10. Multi-plane camera

Multi-plane camera
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In 1936, Walt Disney invented the multi-plane camera, capable of suggesting depth of field thanks to an ingenious system of superposition of five films filmed in the same plane to simulate remoteness.

What other curiosity about Walt Disney do you know?, help us to extend this list.