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This Is How Famous Disney Characters Would Look In 3D

Disney Characters in 3D!

Disney Character’s remakes, redesigns and animations are always mesmerising to look at. In short, Disney art is just as impressive as the original itself. So, here we are again with some more art to add to the ever-growing collection.

The following is a compilation of different Disney characters in three-dimensional view, and I have to admit the results are surprising.

Take a look!

Mickey Mouse by Murtaza Saeed

Kim Possible by Cycom Cheah Yew Chung

Kuzco by Adewale Haroun

The Beast by David Macias

Geppetto and Pinocchio by Kalin Popov

Ariel by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

Pacha by laloon

Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) by Faraz Sayyadi

Clay Sketches by Itay Schlesinger

Ursula by Julien De Carvalho

Gaston by Kaelin Hinnant

Kida by Alessia Maderick

Lumiere by Pablo M. Bravo

The Evil Queen by Stefanie Zirkus Bernardo

Stitch by Boris Kiselicki

Roger (101 Dalmations) by Leticia Reinaldo

Captain Hook by Gianmaria Della Ratta

Hades by polydrawer

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