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Someone Revamped Famous Disney Movies With Yzma & Results Are Awkwardly Hilarious

Who thought re-imagining Yzma as a princess was a good idea?

I mean besides her unique and eccentric looks. She doesn’t have much going on for her. Have you seen her rotten attitude? She doesn’t deserve much of anything to be honest.

But one person thought it would hilarious to see Yzma dressed as Belle, Cinderella e.t.c. Well, I don’t know about hilarious but these are definitely awkward. Let’s begin shall we?

#1 Aladdin.

Via Imgur

#2 Princess and the frog. 

Princess and the frog
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#3 Star wars.

Star wars
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#4 The little mermaid.

The little mermaid
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#5 Frozen.

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#6 Cinderella. 

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#7 Beauty and the beast. 

Beauty and the beast
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#8 The lion king. 

The lion king
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#9 Hercules.

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#10 Tarzan.

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What are your thoughts on these illustrations? Do you wish you’d never seen them? Because I totally understand why you would want that.