in Arena Concert: Fan Injured After Rapper 50 Cents Throws Microphone At Crowd

It has recently been reported that the renowned rapper 50 Cents allegedly injured a concertgoer at his show in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, after he threw a microphone into the crowd. Videos captured by attendees of the show have been circulating all over social media, prompting a statement from the musician’s lawyer. This comes right after Cardi B had a police report filed against her for throwing a mic at a fan attending a Las Vegas show after they splashed a drink on her. Here’s what we know:

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50 Cents Concertgoer Hurt Badly: What Happened?

During Wednesday’s performance at the Arena, rapper Curtis Jackson, who performs under the stage name 50 Cent, appeared to become frustrated after being given two defective microphones in a row. As a result, he proceeded to toss one into the crowd, striking an individual who, at the time, was located in the production area near the stage – according to circulating fan videos. The victim of the incident, Bryhana Monegain, who is a host for the radio station Power 106, reportedly shared pictures with TMZ that revealed that she had a serious-looking wound on her forehead. Later on, more images of her wounded with the exact same injury were released on the Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram account.


Source: TMZ

As per the outlet, Monegain allegedly ended up filing a report to the Los Angeles Police Department in which she officially names 50 Cents as “a suspect in a criminal felony battery,” after the event. Traumatized, Monegain explained that the microphone hit her forehead very forcefully and resulted in a gruesome wound. A source also told PEOPLE magazine that it “is an unfortunate isolated incident where someone was in a restricted area they should not have been,” implying that the singer’s toss wasn’t intentional.

Statement Made By 50 Cents’ Legal Team After Alleged Fan Injury

In a statement provided to EW, 50 Cent’s attorney Scott Leemon addressed the incident, making it clear that the rapper would never intentionally hit someone with a microphone. The lawyer explained that his client grew frustrated after being given two defective microphones at the event, but he stated that Jackson “would never” intentionally hurt anyone with a mic. Leemon emphasized that those saying otherwise are “misinformed” and are not aware of all the facts surrounding the situation. Here’s the word to word statement:

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“Let’s be very clear, as I told LAPD this afternoon, my client Curtis would never intentionally strike anyone with a microphone. Anyone saying something different doesn’t have all the facts and is misinformed.”

Scott Leemon