“Fangirling” Is Back With A New Season And We’re Thrilled!


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Kind people of the world, your favorite manic pixie dream girls, buzzkill babysitters and damsels in distress are back in action with the second season of Fangirling.

The first season of the incredibly popular show was a huge success over at and the new season, that returns to the same on January 24, looks to be treading the same path.

The show proved to be a watershed moment for women with an interest in pop-culture around the world as they could witness esteemed women of culture and industry coming together on a platform and give voices to their thoughts, answer their raging questions with respect to love for books, history, pop-culture phenomena as well as discuss issues that have unfortunately not found a rightful place in the broader nerd culture.

Time to Bat, Ladies!


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Host Alicia Lutes will be returning with a super-exciting ensemble of guests this year that includes prominent cast members from Star Trek: Discovery, producer of Blue Planet II Orla Doherty, among many others.

If you don’t have an Alpha membership, you can use the promo-code “fangirling” to get two free months!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and buckle your seat-belts for a wild ride.

The show returns on January 24. In the meanwhile, you can check out its trailer below!

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