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This Fashion Designer Disney Princess Gowns To Life & The Results Are Breathtakingly Beautiful

Who Wouldn’t Want To Feel Like A Disney Princess?

Well now you can! You might be one step closer of achieving your dream. Michael Anthony, A Chicago based fashion designer has created a mini-collection inspired by our beloved and iconic Disney princesses.

Some of these dresses are his own modern take on the classic gowns while some look quite similar to the original. We can hardly wait for this gorgeous line to come out. Following is some of his inspired work.

#1 The Classic Gown Worn By Belle In ‘The Beauty And The Beast.’

Disney is what I grew up with and Disney Princesses were my first fashion icons. Growing up, my favorite scene was when her Fairy Godmother transformed her torn dress into the gorgeous gown.

#2 Cinderella’s Cool Blue Gown.

#3 This Modern Take On Merida’s Dress.

#4 This Beautiful Icy Dress Inspired By Elsa.

#5 He Didn’t Forget About The First Disney Princess, Snow White Either.

There isn’t any word on the release date of this mini-collection. Anthony has said that the designs have already received amazing reviews. So we hope that we would be seeing this collection soon enough.