‘Hairspray’: Star Francis Jones Reveals That She Went Into Labor At Beyoncé’s Birthday Concert

Just announced! Sarah Francis Jones, the actress known for her memorable role in Hairspray, went into labor during Beyoncé’s birthday concert at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on September 4. Here’s what we know about the event and details on the baby:

Francis Jones: Contractions At Beyoncé’s Concert?

While attending the birthday concert of the one and only Beyoncé at the SoFi Stadium, actress Sarah Jones experienced contractions shortly “after the mute challenge. Everybody went mute. L.A. did very well… and then I started having contractions,” as she recalled to KTLA on the 5th. Being a few days away from her due date, she initially thought the contractions were just Braxton Hicks (a common phenomenon among pregnant women) but eventually realized she was in labor and was accompanied to the hospital mid-concert by her partner Marcel Spears.

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“I said, ‘Something’s happening,'” the actress said. “Usually, I like to dance at the concert, and I was like, ‘OK, I need to sit down for a second.'” Apparently, even though the star was in pain, the pair stayed put at the show for some time while Spears timed Francis’ contractions. “By the time we got to the car in the parking lot it was full on intense,” added Spears, “and I was just like, ‘Okay it’s happening now this is happening right now.'” Nola’s 5th September birthday already hints at her being “that girl,” as a Virgo baby, much like Beyonce. Even more proof of her special qualities is her vibing since in the womb, with her biggest contractions happening during Beyonce’s song Virgo’s Groove

What did Francis Jones name her baby?

Source: KTLA

Recently Francis Jones and her partner Marcel Spears announced that the actress had birthed their baby on the 5th of September, a day after the contractions started mid Queen Bey’s concert. The pair have revealed that their first child is a girl, and that they have decided to name her Nola. Congratulations have filled the two’s posts as fans, friends and family flood in to express their excitement for Nola’s incredible arrival into the world.