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10+ Gamers Share The Most Brutal Insults They’ve Ever Received That Just Roasted Them To a Crisp!

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Ah, trash talking, is there any more reliable tradition within gaming? Sure it can get abusive, or racist, or just cringily hackneyed, but every once in a while you might find yourself on the receiving end of a burn so sick, that you gotta just sit back and admire the uniqueness of the toxic bullshit that was just slung your way. That’s what users of the legendary r/askreddit board wanted to know:



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That Native Insult!

That Native Insult

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That Rare Gift!

That Rare Gift

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That Cyber Rubbing of Salt!

That Cyber Rubbing of Salt

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That Generalization!

That Generalization

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That Topographical Insult!

That Topographical Insult
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That Sudden Dawning of Truth!

That Sudden Dawning of Truth

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That Play of Words!

That Play of Words

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Those Priorities!

Those Priorities

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That Burn is One for the Ages!

That Burn is One for the Ages

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That Historically Accurate Reference!

That Historically Accurate Reference

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That Awkward Engorgement!

That Awkward Engorgement

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So, what do you think folks? Got some roasting stories of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!