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Artist Revamped Pop Icons As Opposite Genders & Badass Anime Look That’ll Leave You Amazed

What If Harry Potter Was A Girl?

I am not sure a lot would change in the movie. However, it would be quite interesting to see. Well, you don’t have to wait any longer. Following are some of your favorite characters from Anime, Cartoons and TV shows gender swapped.

Why you might ask? Because why not! And because they look pretty amazing. So if you wanted to see Castiel from Supernatural as a girl. You have come to the right place!

#1 Harriet Potter By Maaria Laurinen.

Harriet Potter

#2 Sora And Riku By Doria Plume.

Sora And Riku

#3 Ms. Minions By Ogo Nkado.

Ms. Minions

#4 The DC Trinity By Jasric.

The DC Trinity

#5 Female Link By Adam Law.

Female Link

#6 Phoenix Wright By sanxian.

Phoenix Wright

#7 The White King By Joe Phillips.

The White King

#8 Star Trek The Rule 63 Series By here.

Star Trek The Rule 63 Series

#9 Pokemon Black And White By Chima.

Pokemon Black And White

#10 Hiccup By JuliaJm15.


#11 Prince Mononoke By sakimichan.

Prince Mononoke

#12 Male-Maleficent By sakimichan.


#13 The Snow Bros By sakimichan.

The Snow Bros

#14 The Little Merman By sakimichan.

The Little Merman

#15 Hades, Goddess Of Death By sakimichan.

Hades, Goddess Of Death

#16 G.I. Jane By Fred Perry.

G.I. Jane

#17 Genderbent X-Men Couples By kat laurange .

Genderbent X-Men Couples

#18 Attack On Titan’s Mikasa By teralilac.

Attack On Titan's Mikasa

#19 Little Macy By AjamariesArt.

Little Macy

#20 Genderswapped Avengers By CircusMayer.

Genderswapped Avengers

#21 Final Fantasy VII By Belderiver.

Final Fantasy VII

#22 Dragonball Z By Maniaxoi.

Dragonball Z

#23 Nightmare Before Christmas Swap Design And Sculpture By Dou Hong.

Nightmare Before Christmas Swap Design And Sculpture

#24 Kill la Kill Genderswap By Yobot.


#25 Team Fem-Tress By T03nemesis.

Team Fem-Tress

#26 Femme Supernatural By Jasric.

#27 Star Wars Prequels Swapped By Shorelle.

Star Wars Prequels Swapped

#28 Sherlock Holmes And The Opposite Gender By Linda Cheng.

Sherlock Holmes And The Opposite Gender

#29 Genderbend Of Thrones By Caitlyn Patten.

Genderbend Of Thrones

#30 Jamie Neutron By Acaciathorn.

Jamie Neutron

#31 Sailor Moon Boys By Drachea Rannak.

Sailor Moon Boys

#32 Crazy Love By NoFlutter.

Crazy Love

#33 The Fellowship Of The Ring By greenleaf0519.

The Fellowship Of The Ring

#34 Big Hero, Switched By lightcolorsart.

Big Hero, Switched

#35 Female Green Lantern Corps By Anna Rettberg.

Female Green Lantern Corps