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Geraldo Rivera’s 22-Year Run at Fox News Comes to an End

Fox, known for its conservative political views and opinion-based programming, has lost again. Geraldo Rivera, a longtime Fox News personality, has quit the network after being “fired” from The Five, a 5 p.m. panel show where he had been a regular panelist since last year. Rivera announced his decision in a video posted to his Twitter account on Thursday afternoon.

Why did Geraldo Rivera leave Fox News?

Geraldo Rivera left Fox News on June 29, 2023, after 22 years with the network. He said that he was “fired” from The Five without specifying why he had been fired, but he said that he would elaborate on his decision on Fox & Friends on Friday morning. There are a few possible reasons why Rivera may have been fired. One possibility is that his views were becoming too “liberal” for Fox News. Rivera has been critical of some of Fox News’ programming, including its coverage of the January 6th Capitol riot. He has also been at odds with some of his co-hosts on The Five. Whatever the reason for Rivera’s departure, it is a major loss for Fox News. He was one of the most recognizable faces on the network, and he brought a unique perspective to the table. He was also a talented journalist with a long and distinguished career.

“We reached an amicable conclusion with Geraldo over the past few weeks and look forward to celebrating him tomorrow on Fox & Friends which will be his last appearance on the network.”

Fox News spokesperson

More on Geraldo Rivera and his history with Fox News:

Geraldo Rivera is a veteran TV news personality who joined Fox News in 2001. He served as a war correspondent, weekend anchor, and host of the Fox Nation series Cops: All Access. He was also known for his tabloid sensibility. He was the first TV anchor to present the Zapruder Film of President Kennedy’s assassination on broadcast TV, and he hosted an infamous 1986 live TV special in which he entered Al Capone’s vault. He reported from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and other hotspots. He also hosted celebrity specials on people like Joan Rivers. His appearances on The Five dwindled in recent months, and he last appeared on Fox a few weeks ago.