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Geraldo Rivera Opens Up About ‘Toxic Relationship’ and Departure from Fox News’ The Five

The Real Reason Behind Geraldo Rivera's Departure

In a frank disclosure, renowned TV personality Geraldo Rivera has opened up about his recent departure from Fox News and the key factor behind it—a “toxic relationship” with a co-host on The Five. Initially presented as a voluntary exit, Rivera took to Twitter to reveal that he was, in fact, fired from the network’s popular afternoon panel show.

Geraldo Rivera Speaks Out on ‘Toxic Relationship’ and Unfair Treatment at The View

During his appearance on The View, Geraldo Rivera discussed a “toxic relationship” without naming the individual involved. When asked if it was unfair that personal issues with a colleague led to his departure, he agreed. Rivera believed his counterpart was consistently favored.

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“I also thought it was very unfair that I was not judged objectively in our disputes, but rather that he was always favored. I was the one…suspended three times. My appearances, I had two, three appearances scheduled weekly, then bi-weekly, then monthly, then they kind of disappeared. So, I was really ticked off.”

Geraldo Rivera

When prompted, Rivera clarified that the reference was to a male cast member on The Five and expressed his admiration for Jeanine Pirro.


Geraldo Rivera Reflects on Departure from Fox News’ The Five and Decision to Leave the Network

Geraldo Rivera, former co-host on Fox News’ The Five, shares insights on his decision to leave the network. Rivera recalls being informed by female executives that he was no longer part of The Five but had other opportunities. However, he chose to quit, feeling that his ideology no longer aligned with Fox News.


Rivera mentions the kindness shown to him in the days leading up to his departure but acknowledges growing tensions and friction both in front of and behind the cameras on the show. Ultimately, he decided it was not worth it to continue.

The Fox News afternoon panel show, The Five, featured a rotating cast of co-hosts including Jeanine Pirro, Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, and Greg Gutfeld. Rivera made appearances as a liberal co-host within the lineup.