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Gita Mehta: Renowned Author and TV Director, Passes Away at 80

Gita Mehta: Famed Author And Television Director, Dead At 80

The world of literature and storytelling bids farewell to a significant figure. Gita Mehta, a renowned author and accomplished TV director, has passed away at the age of 80 in her hometown of New Delhi. Her writings have been instrumental in shaping Western perspectives on India.

Remembering Literary Power Couple: Gita Mehta and Sonny Mehta

Nicholas Latimer, Vice President and Director of Publicity at Knopf, revealed that her passing was a result of complications from a stroke.

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Gita Mehta and her husband, both esteemed figures in the world of literature, enjoyed international acclaim, often making appearances in literary circles across New York, London, and India.

Gita Mehta’s Literary Debut and Multifaceted Career

In 1979, Gita Mehta marked her literary debut with “Karma Cola: Marketing the Mystic East,” delving into the experiences of Westerners seeking enlightenment in India.

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Alongside her literary work, she contributed as a writer and director for the 1971 TV series “World in Action,” a documentary series covering current affairs. In her early career, she balanced British documentary projects while teaching at Bombay University.