Giuliano Montaldo, Legendary Italian Filmmaker and ‘Sacco & Vanzetti’ Director, Passes Away at 93

Giuliano Montaldo, a celebrated Italian screenwriter and director of Sacco & Vanzetti and Machine Gun McCain, has passed away at 93. He was also the man behind every episode of the 1982 miniseries, Marco Polo, which is another one of his countless achievements.

How did Giuliano Montaldo die?

Italian director and screenwriter Giuliano Montaldo passed away on Wednesday in his home in Rome, as announced by his family. The cause of death has not been disclosed yet but it is known that he leaves behind his wife, Vera, daughter of famed Italian actress Vera Vergani; daughter Elisabetta; and grandchildren Inti and Jana.

Giuliano Montaldo: Long List Of Achievements

Source: LaPresse

Giuliano Montaldo’s directorial debut came with Pigeon Shoot (1961), which featured Jacques Charrier and was selected for competition during the Venice Film Festival. His final film, The Entrepreneur, was released in 2011 and featured the talents of Pierfrancesco Favino. Sixteen of Montaldo’s 20 films had their musical score done by the celebrated Ennio Morricone; no other director collaborated with the musician more than Montaldo. Additionally, he held the position of president of Italy’s RAI Cinema from 1999-2004. He also directed and co-wrote all eight episodes of Marco Polo, produced by RAI and NBCand in 2007, he received a lifetime achievement award at the David di Donatello Awards.

Montaldo’s film credits also include The Reckless (1965), starring Renato Salvatori; Grand Slam (1967), featuring Janet Leigh; Giordano Bruno (1973), which starred Gian Maria Volonté and Charlotte Rampling; And Agnes Chose to Die (1976), featuring Ingrid Thulin; and finally, The Gold Rimmed Glasses (1987), starring Philippe Noiret, Rupert Everett, Stefania Sandrelli and Valeria Golino.