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Göteborg Film Festival to Premiere AI-Altered Version of Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Persona’

Bergman's 'Persona' Gets AI Treatment; Debut At Göteborg Film Festival

The Göteborg Film Festival is boldly venturing into cinema preservation by using artificial intelligence (AI) to restore Ingmar Bergman’s iconic arthouse classic, ‘Persona.’ This groundbreaking initiative aims to provide a new perspective on the timeless masterpiece!

AI ‘Persona’: Collaboration Between Gothenburg Film Festival And SF Studios Replaces Liv Ullmann’s Character With Alma Pöysti

The Göteborg Film Festival will collaborate with SF Studios, Gothenburg Film Studios, and The Ingmar Bergman Foundation to produce an AI-assisted version of Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Persona.’ In this cinematic experiment titled ‘Another Persona,’ Liv Ullmann’s character, Elisabet Vogler, will be digitally replaced by Alma Pöysti.

Source: Göteborg Film Festival.

The project will premiere exclusively at the 2024 Göteborg Film Festival, followed by a discussion on acting, technology, and AI’s impact on filmmaking, as highlighted by Jonas Holmberg, the outgoing Artistic Director of the festival.

“The discussion about acting, masks, and authenticity that has made Persona a classic has been urgently reactivated by technological advancements. Not least, the strike in Hollywood has sparked an important debate on production possibilities and labor-market threats in relation to AI.”

Jonas Holmberg

Alma Pöysti’s Notable Works in Film and the Significance of ‘Another Persona’ at the Festival

Source: Christophe Simon / AFP

Internationally acclaimed for her role in Aki Kaurismäki’s Cannes competition entry ‘Fallen Leaves’ and honored with the Dragon Award for Best Acting at the Göteborg Film Festival, Alma Pöysti steps into the spotlight. ‘Another Persona’ takes center stage at the festival’s thematic focus sidebar, ‘Another Intelligence,’ exploring the swift advancements of AI technology.