Grimes Talks Future Plans, “Hopes To Die In Space,” Preferably Mars

In a recent interview, Genesis singer Grimes, expressed her desire to meet her demise on Mars once she reaches her mid-60s. It seems like a mundane existence on Earth no longer holds the interest of the mother-of-two. Claiming she’d only stay on Earth if her children needed her, Grimes explains the ideal end to her mortal life and more.

Is Grimes planning on moving to Mars?

Source: Wired / Sam Cannon

During a new interview with Wired, when asked about her plans for traveling outside of Earth, musical artist Grimes simply replied that she hopes to meet her end in space. “I would like to go far enough out there to where my body could not handle coming back,” remarked the artist. “So it would be closer to the end of my life. Maybe 65.” Mars, she says, would in fact be a “great” place to live out her old age but only if “there’s a megastructure by then.”

Plus, Grimes has already been preparing for a life outside Earth with what she calls a full alien makeover. Last year, the Canadian musician revealed that she was in the middle of a gradual process to have an entirely “alien-like” body “totally covered in white ink” — which was meant to resemble “amazing alien scars.” Having nearly completed her whole body, the singer has also pondered getting the same white ink all over her face, as well as undergoing “elf ear” surgery.

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“I would like to move to Mars. But I have to wait till my kids are good. Like 25. I think if I died on Earth, in my last moments, I would regret it. If I died in space, I would be like, ‘You’ve lived a great life, you did all the things you wanted to do.'”


Is there anything that could convince Grimes to say on Earth?

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The answer to that is (surprisingly) a yes. Despite her desire to finish her life in outer space, Grimes — the mother of 1-year-old daughter Exa Dark Sideræl (Y) and 3-year-old son X Æ A-12, with her billioniare ex-boyfriend Elon Musk — acknowledged that there is indeed one variable that could change things.“If there’s a real responsibility, like, if my kids are having grandkids and really need me, I might change my mind,” the artist told Wired. “But the preferred thing would be seeing some new worlds.”