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Accidental Interview Star Sues BBC for Viral Clip Profits

Man Wrongly Interviewed Live On Air To Sue BBC Over Lost Earnings

In an unexpected turn of events related to a widely shared BBC interview, the man unintentionally thrust into the spotlight during a comical live broadcast is pursuing a legal case against the network. His spontaneous and humorous responses during the interview captured the internet’s attention, resulting in global fame. Now, he’s seeking a share of the financial success generated by the clip!

Guy Goma’s BBC Interview: A Case of Mistaken Identity and Viral Fame

Source: Rex/Shutterstock

In a remarkable twist of fate in 2006, Guy Goma, a computer technician, arrived at the BBC for a job interview. Due to a reception mix-up, Goma was mistaken for tech expert Guy Kewney and was interviewed live on air by BBC presenter Karen Bowerman.

What followed was a comically bewildering conversation about the legal dispute between Apple Computers and the Beatles’ Apple Corps record company, which made Goma an internet sensation for 17 years.

Guy Goma Plans Lawsuit Against BBC Over Viral Clip Royalties

Source: BBC

Guy Goma plans to sue the broadcaster for royalties related to the viral clip. Despite contacting the BBC, he received no payment for its use, prompting his decision to take legal action. Goma emphasized that the clip significantly contributed to the BBC’s revenue over almost two decades and expressed frustration over not receiving a share of the profits.

Goma also mentioned the possibility of writing a book titled ‘Wrong Guy.’