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MiHoYo Studio Reaches for Tencent’s Crown With New Game After Genshin Impact Is A Hit

MiHoYo's newest online game, Honkai Star Rail Releasing Soon!

Independent studio miHoYo pins its hopes on a new game after Genshin Impact’s international success to get further ahead in China’s gaming market. MiHoYo’s newest online game, Honkai: Star Rail had employees working late nights for the launch. It is a new exciting ‘space-travel’ anime game, and has the studio eagerly awaiting reviews, fingers crossed for it to be a bigger hit than Genshin Impact. The longtime goal is to surpass Tencent and NetEase in the gaming market.

More about Honkai: Star Rail

Gamers lured in by generous free items and more suitable formats which are allowing ease of gameplay on tablets and smartphones, are enjoying Honkai up till now. It contains relatively less erotic and violent content in the games than Genshin. That has reportedly not deterred most fans from playing. Senior gaming analyst Chenyu Cui states that it is far “too early to say” whether miHoYo will surpass Netease or Tencent but owing to their incredible developmental and investment strategies it might just be possible.

“I like the game’s open-world mode, allowing gamers to traverse the vritual environment freely…and it doesnt require players to spend much money to get a good experience”

Ma Ka, an avid player of Honkai: Star Rail

What are the Genshin stats currently and further plans for Honkai?

Genshin’s popularity has called for increased competitiveness of Chinese gaming studios who are working on games with ‘international appeal’ to combat many factors such as censoring restrictions and the cut down on individual’s gaming time by Beijing. Part of Genshin’s strategy was to expand international market share by encouraging gamers to spend more money in-game with regular updates every five to six weeks. In comparison, other studios release big expansion packs every three months. As for further plans for Honkai, miHoYo’s intention is clearly to ‘make it at least as big as Genshin Impact’ and to make it the ‘main title’ of the company. The studio plans to come for Tencent’s Chinese gaming crown with this new title.