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Phil Spencer, Host of UK Hit Property Show, Faces Double Tragedy as Both Parents Die in Car Crash

TV Presenter Phil Spencer’s Parents Killed In Car Crash On Family Farm

In a devastating twist of fate, Phil Spencer, the popular host of the UK’s hit property show “Location, Location, Location,” is facing an unimaginable double tragedy. On a tragic Friday, news broke that both of Spencer’s parents had lost their lives in a car accident.

Beyond his property show fame, Spencer is also known for hosting Channel 4’s daytime game show “The Common Denominator” and authoring three books.

Tragic Accident Claims Lives of Phil Spencer’s Parents

Source: PhilSpencerTV/twitter

The well-known presenter’s parents were reportedly en route to a lunch outing at a nearby pub close to their Kent farm when their vehicle veered off the road and into a shallow river flowing through their estate. Tragically, Richard, aged 89, and Anne, aged 82, both had to be rescued from the wreckage.

Regrettably, Richard was declared deceased upon reaching the hospital, and Anne succumbed to her injuries shortly thereafter.

Kirstie Allsop Shares Heartfelt Words About Phil Spencer’s Family

Phil Spencer, who has been a co-host on the TV show alongside Kirstie Allsop for over two decades, received words of support from his colleague.

Source: Channel 4

“I’ve spoken to Phil and it’s tragic for the Spencer family, but his parents were together and that’s something that is a great source of solace to them all… The family is very loving and close. There are four children, Phil, Robert, Caryn and Helen, and they had eight grandchildren.”

Kirstie Allsop

Spencer, a well-known face on UK TV, began his career as a surveyor before co-hosting ‘Location, Location, Location’ in 2000, followed by 39 seasons of the show and a spin-off series, ‘Relocation, Relocation, Relocation.’