A Random Guy Points Out 14 Hottest Princesses Of Disney

Anyone remember having a crush on Disney princesses? If not, what the hell have you been watching?

Disney princesses used to be so beautiful, and the voices which were dubbed on them made them even more attractive. Disney surely knows how to grab people’s attention since forever.

Some guy ranked these 14 Disney Princesses, and guess who tops the list? See for yourself!

1 – Jasmine

I mean, come on! How can you not expect her to be on top of the list? She was extremely attractive and beautiful. On top of that, she was made a Princess too, which makes her even more exotic.


2 – Belle

Belle comes second, you know why? Cause she’s pretty smart and kind of a nerd too, which makes every nerd crushing on her. But there’s more to it, she’s more of an intellectual lady and not the conventional type who would go for looks and a muscular body like Gaston’s. So that makes her a dream girl for many of the nerds, regardless of the fact she’s a cartoon.


3 – Mulan

When it comes to Mulan, we all know she’s a tomboy, cool girl who actually gets along with every type of guy because she even dresses like a guy. Although not every guy finds it hot, however, I think many would.


4 –  Ariel

Regardless of the fact that she was 16 years old only, let’s just say she was hot with that bra made of shells which made her even more sexier. But hey, we are only talking about the sequels.


5 – Rapunzel

You know the reason for crushing on her? Her voice. Because it was dubbed by Mandy Moore. Oh lord, she has one of the prettiest voices ever. If you don’t know who that is, she starred in the famous “A Walk To Remember” too.


6 – Cinderella

Only if Cinderella didn’t make herself seem like a weirdo by talking to mice and stuff, she would have been on the top of the list because she’s definitely the first one to actually leave something at his place. Oh boy! Plus she wasn’t afraid of anyone and did whatever she wanted to, that’s surely a turn on.


7 – Tiana

That southern accent was surely something to crush on! However, her frog version was okay-ish because I’m talking about the human version of her.


8 – Pocahontas

Apparently, she seemed like a girl who would fall for a bad boy. However, she loved nature and her family a lot.


9 – Merida

Am I the only one who thinks redheads are hot AF? I definitely drooled over Merida when I saw her in Brave.


10 – Anna

Anna’s definitely sweet and nice, but her being naive is kind of a turn-off.


11 – Elsa

She can freeze stuff, cool, but that’s still not as bad as stalking your boyfriend on social media.


12 – Aurora

Ah, one of those girls who would fall asleep anywhere. Those lazy types. One of those who would fall asleep while texting you and would apologize the next day. NO, that was an intense conversation, and you fell asleep. Nope.


13 – Nala

Okay, she’s a lion, I know, but hey, this is a list of hot cartoon characters, right? So, therefore, she can hop on the list. Remember the time in Lion King when she’d lick Simba and the way she’d stare at him, isn’t that sexy? The only turn-off is that she’s a lioness but not a princess. Oh well, still she’s hot.


14 – Snow White

She might be a Disney Princess, but you know why she’s at the end of the list? Who the hell eats apples anymore? So basic!