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‘House Of The Dragon’ and ‘Industry’ Maintain UK Shoots Despite SAG-AFTRA Strike

‘House Of The Dragon’ & ‘Industry’ Will Continue UK Shoots

Despite the ongoing strike by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) in the United States, two popular television shows, “House of the Dragon” and “Industry,” will continue filming in the United Kingdom this summer. Even though these shows originate from the U.S., they mainly feature British actors who work under Equity contracts instead of SAG-AFTRA agreements. According to insiders, both productions will proceed as scheduled, following the production rules in the UK.

SAG-AFTRA Members under Equity Contracts Instructed to Continue Working Amid UK Restrictions

Source: Ollie Upton / HBO

Newly issued guidance instructs SAG-AFTRA members working under Equity contracts to persist with their work in the United Kingdom, despite the country’s strict anti-trade union laws. The guidance acknowledges the challenging nature of the UK’s industrial relations legislation and highlights the disparity between what artists can do in the UK compared to their counterparts in the US and elsewhere.

American actors Myha’la Herrold and Ken Leung are key cast members in the HBO and BBC co-production, Industry.

Equity Stands in Solidarity with SAG-AFTRA for Fair Pay and Conditions

Source: Equity/SAG-AFTRA

Equity, with 47,000 members from various entertainment backgrounds, firmly supports SAG-AFTRA in their pursuit of fair pay and conditions.Both unions face existential questions related to AI and virtual auditions. Equity fully backs SAG-AFTRA’s claim and their board’s action, urging the AMPTP and its members to swiftly meet the reasonable aspirations of SAG-AFTRA’s members.

The collective wealth created by entertainment unions globally warrants decent and modern compensation.