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Here’s How Disney Movies Have Completely Changed Over the Years In 5 Ways

Who knew Disney changed so much over the years?

While we will always the classic Disney movies. You have to admit they were not that deep. While they were entertaining they weren’t progressive at all. Disney movies nowadays are a completely different story though.

You might think Disney hasn’t changed much. In reality every one of their movie has been a step in the right direction, well most of them anyway. So today we are here to show you the change Disney has gone through over the years.

#1 Villains.

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You have to admit that the motivation for Villains in past Disney movies were pretty weird and didn’t make much sense. However, that has changed in recent years evident by the new releases.

#2 Themes.

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While past Disney movies did teach kids some kind of a lesson it wasn’t always good per say. Recent Disney movies however have started to tackle complex subjects like racism.

#3 Subtext.

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Past Disney movies had a quite a lot of racist subtext but that seems to be changing now a days.

#4 Love Interests.

Love Interests
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We can’t really blame Disney for this since it was a trope back then. But recent films haven’t even featured any love interest which is evidently a step in the right direction.

#5 Weirdly Hot Foxes.

Weirdly Hot Foxes
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This hasn’t changed much. I am pretty sure this is how people turned into Furries.