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From Sugar To Fire: Hunter March Sparks Excitement As Host Of Netflix’s ‘Blown Away: Extreme Heat’

Hunter March To Host Netflix's 'Blown Away: Extreme Heat' Season 4!

Netflix’s hit series, “Blown Away,” takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey into the artistry and skill required to create stunning glass masterpieces. With each episode, talented glassblowers from around the world face thrilling challenges as they push their creative boundaries to the limit.

From the enthralling flow of molten glass to the delicate precision required, “Blown Away” showcases the process of transforming raw materials into stunning works of art.

Hunter March Ignites the Furnace: Hosting Netflix’s Fiery Glassblowing Competition

Former host of “Sugar Rush,” Hunter March, joins Netflix’s red-hot sizzling glassblowing competition series, to host the 4th Season of Blown Away.

In an interview, March expressed his fascination with the fiery set of Blown Away: Extreme Heat, where 10 contestants work with 10 ovens heated to a scorching 2,000 degrees each, which left him amazed.

“Besides the imagination and creativity that goes into each piece, the actual physical endurance they need to be in that hot shop for five hours, the tenacity to make it through 10 grueling challenges, it was incredible to watch…Rushing art is definitely not the way most artists work best. But that’s what makes this competition so incredible. You have artists used to working under timelines or guidelines. And this competition expedites all that.”

Hunter March

Marblemedia And Netflix Team Up For Drink Masters, Elevating Blown Away: Extreme Heat

Marblemedia, the Canadian indie producer behind the success of Blown Away, joins forces with Netflix once again to introduce Drink Masters, a reality series that brings innovation to the world of cocktails.

Simultaneously, Marblemedia ramps up the intensity for the fourth season of Blown Away: Extreme Heat. The glassblowing competition series raises the dramatic stakes, presenting even more challenging tasks and delving deeper into the personal stories and passions of the competitors.

Mark Bishop, co-CEO and executive producer at Marblemedia, emphasizes the importance of showcasing the talent, artistry, and motivations of the glassblowers.

The fourth season of Blown Away takes place in a massive hot shop located in a warehouse in Hamilton, Ontario.