Comics Hilariously Show What It Would Be Like If “Harry Potter” Characters Were A Little More Realistic

Let’s get one thing straight. We all love Harry Potter. The tale of the boy who lived keeps us hooked even after more than 6 years since the last movie released and 10 years(!) since the last book did.

As with any fantasy series, the Potter saga has seen its fair share of fan-theories and one of them ala “What if The Characters Were Realistic?” has been put to the drawing board by artists Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman.

Check out the hilarious illustrations below!

The Chosen One? Really? How ‘Bout No!

The Chosen One

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Hermione’s Endless Woes

Hermione's Endless Woes
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The Lannisters, err the Weasleys Are Just Fine!

The Lannisters, err the Weasleys Are Just Fine
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Herr Good Teacher!

Herr Good Teacher
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The Art Shows The Turmoil, Eh?

The Art Shows The Turmoil
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