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This Is What Hospitals Would Look Like If Superheroes Had Babies

Superhero Babies!

Ever imagined what would it be like if your favourite Superheroes from all the best comics had babies? For instance, picture Superman’s kid floating in the air and lifting objects many times more massive than his/her own body. Or, Thor’s kid attempting to lift his dad’s hammer.

We’re specifically talking about both DC and Marvel! So, all you fans better gather up and spread the word because we will be showing you what hospitals would look like if Superheroes had kids!

Scroll on below and pick your favourite!



Well, that escalated quickly, didn’t it Flash?

Can’t expect anything else when it comes to Wolverine.

Hello, little Spidey! (look how proud Spiderman is)

Baby Stark or Iron Jr?

Oh god! Hawkman please just look to your right.

Martian Manhunter it is.

Happy Xenomorph!

I don’t even need to say this. Everything is self-explanatory. (Btw is Chuck Norris looking at us instead of the baby?!)

Everyone’s happy. You go Aquaboy!


Okay…so Robocop and the Toaster.

That’s 100% Deadpool’s kid even without the mask.

And the last but not the least.

What do you think of these awesome superhero kids?! Which one did you like the most? Leave a comment in the box below and share your thoughts with us!