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Imax and Chinese Studio Unite For A Wildlife Spectacle: ‘The Elephant Odyssey’

Imax and Chinese Studio Team Up For 'The Elephant Odyssey'

Imax, the renowned giant-screen cinema company, is teaming up with a Chinese studio to bring audiences an awe-inspiring nature documentary titled “The Elephant Odyssey.” The film, produced in collaboration with Singapore’s Beach House Pictures, chronicles the incredible journey of a group of Asian elephants across China’s Yunnan province in the year 2020. Shot using Imax cameras, this 90-minute documentary promises to transport viewers into the heart of the elephants’ epic odyssey.

Scheduled for release across the extensive Imax theater network in 2024, the film is currently in production in China, with co-producers including Singapore’s Beach House Pictures and China Review Studio of China International Communications Group.

Imax Presents: The Incredible Journey of Wild Asian Elephants

Imax is bringing an extraordinary nature documentary to audiences, focusing on the captivating story of wild Asian elephants. In 2020, a group of these magnificent animals embarked on an incredible journey, leaving their home in China’s Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve. Drone cameras and live-streaming captured their adventure, which lasted for 18 months and covered over 1,000 kilometers (620 miles).

Along the way, the elephants surprised villagers with unexpected feasts, raided grain stores, had playful mud fights, and even witnessed the birth of a baby elephant. Imax’s documentary seeks to uncover the reasons behind this extraordinary journey.

“The 18-month journey of the Yunnan elephants at the height of the pandemic was a hopeful antidote to the lockdowns many of us were enduring. We wanted to know more about these animals and why it happened.”

John Turner

Imax Teams Up with Acclaimed Filmmakers for ‘The Elephant Odyssey’

Imax has joined forces with renowned filmmaker Alice Gu (known for “The Donut King”) as the director and Clair Popkin (renowned for “Free Solo”) as the director of photography for the documentary, “The Elephant Odyssey.” Executive producers include Imax’s John Turner and Daniel Manwaring, Beach House’s Donovan Chan and Jocelyn Little, and China Review Studio’s director Chen Fang.

Chen, representing China Review Studio, expressed excitement about the film’s unique exploration, uncovering touching stories beyond the remarkable journey of the Asian elephants.

Imax, Beach House Pictures, and China Review Studio are thrilled to bring this distinctive Chinese narrative to audiences worldwide!