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Behind The Scenes Of Inception: Elliot Page’s Candid Confessions And Fear Of Being Replaced On Set

Elliot Page's Candid Revelations On Inception Set

Inception is a popular science fiction film from 2010, directed by Christopher Nolan. The story revolves around Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a skilled thief. Cobb has a unique ability to enter people’s dreams and steal valuable information. However, he gets a chance to redeem himself when he is given a task to plant an idea in someone’s mind instead.

To accomplish this, Cobb assembles a team of experts to explore multiple layers of dreams. As they go deeper into the dream world, reality becomes harder to distinguish from the subconscious.

Elliot Page’s Candid Reflections On Filming Inception

Elliot Page, known for his role in Inception, shares his personal experience and feelings of not fitting in during the filming process. In his new memoir, Pageboy: A Memoir, he reveals that he felt out of place while working on Inception and even had thoughts of being replaced. Page portrayed the character of Ariadne, a talented graduate student in architecture recruited by Dom Cobb to construct dreamscapes.

Inception played a significant role in Page’s career, gaining recognition while he was publicly identifying as female. Years later, after publicly coming out as a transgender man, Page has released his memoir, Pageboy, which provides an honest exploration of his struggles during his rise to fame.

“Shingles popped out of my spine while filming Inception when I was 22. Despite everyone being delightful to work with, I felt out of place. In a cast full of cis men, I did not understand the role I found myself in. or the first two weeks of the film I joked I would be recast with Keira Knightley, and rightfully so.”

Elliot Page

Elliot Page’s Journey: From Hollywood Pressures to Self-Discovery

Page’s experiences on the set of Inception are just a glimpse into his captivating memoir. From his breakthrough in Juno to his roles in Inception, the X-Men franchise, and The Umbrella Academy, Page has navigated the challenges of Hollywood.

Hollywood expected him to conform to the gender binary, dictating his appearance and behavior. This included wearing a dress on the Juno red carpet while his co-stars wore more casual attire. However, Page’s journey of self-discovery led him to come out as gay in 2014 and, later, as transgender in 2020.

While reflecting on the internal struggles during the filming of Inception may be disheartening, Page’s memoir, titled Pageboy, promises to be a heartwarming tale of resilience and self-growth for fans of the talented actor.