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James Cameron: No Talks for OceanGate Film, Confirms ‘Titanic’ Director

James Cameron Responds to OceanGate Submersible Movie Rumors

Director James Cameron, renowned for his work on “Titanic” and “Avatar,” has addressed recent rumors regarding his involvement in an upcoming film about the ill-fated voyage of the Titan submersible. Speculation had circulated that Cameron was in talks for a project related to the sinking of the Titan during its attempt to reach the wreckage of the Titanic. However, Cameron has categorically denied any such discussions, setting the record straight on his potential involvement in the OceanGate film.

James Cameron Denies OceanGate Film Talks and Mourns Tragic Submersible Incident

Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In response to rumors, James Cameron took to Twitter to emphatically deny any involvement in an OceanGate film. Cameron expressed his disapproval of the offensive rumors and clarified that he is not, and will never be, in talks for such a project.

Additionally, he acknowledged the tragic incident where the submersible experienced a catastrophic implosion, resulting in the loss of five lives. In the aftermath, OceanGate has halted all operations and erased its presence from social media platforms.

James Cameron: ‘Titanic’ Director’s Oscar-Winning Achievement


James Cameron achieved remarkable success as the director of the iconic drama film “Titanic,” which secured a record-breaking 11 Academy Awards in 1997. The film, hailed as a cinematic masterpiece, received accolades including Best Picture and Best Director, cementing Cameron’s reputation as a visionary filmmaker. “Titanic” became a monumental achievement in cinematic history.