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James Gunn Gives Fans More Information About The Upcoming Batman: The Brave and The Bold


The DC Universe is getting a much-anticipated reboot led by Jame Gunn, and fans couldn’t be happier. While we still have a few movies to go before it happens, such as ‘The Flash’ and ‘Aquaman 2,’ it will start with Superman: Legacy, which is currently in the casting stage. This will all begin with phase one, dubbed “Gods and Monsters,” and we couldn’t be more excited.

While we don’t know where The Batman Movie fits into all of this, we do know that it will be released in the first chapter of this new phase. However, we don’t have much information about this upcoming film because casting hasn’t even begun.

The age of Batman in this film is still unknown.

When a fan asked James Gunn on Twitter how old Batman will be in the new film, he couldn’t give a definitive answer because casting hasn’t been completed, but that will change as time goes on and we get more concrete information.

We don’t know if casting has even begun because Gunn didn’t mention it in his tweet. While the new Superman film will reportedly centre on characters who are much younger, there will also be characters who have been doing the superhero thing for a long time.

So far, we know that Batman will be a father and have a family in this upcoming film. So, depending on how far along in the timeline they want to set him, the actor would be between 30 and 40 years old. But, because we don’t even have a director for this film, it will be some time before we hear anything else.