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‘Superman: Legacy’ James Gunn is Recasting Superman! Here’s what we know:

Tyler Hoechlin, the star of ‘Superman & Lois’ in the DC Universe, has opened up on how he feels about James Gunn re-casting his character for the new and upcoming ‘Superman: Legacy’. Aside from this, the speculation on who will be the next Superman continues, with the top three contenders already rumored to be giving screen-tests!

What does Tyler Hoechlin think about his character being re-casted?

DC has embarked on a new creative journey and is currently working on several new movies and shows that are set to be part of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe. The most highly anticipated project yet is ‘Superman: Legacy,’ which is another reboot of the ‘Man of Steel’, coming out in 2025. With this news, Tyler Hoechlin has gotten honest about how he feels about being replaced as Superman. Unsurprisingly, the Arrowverse veteran had nothing but good things to say about the next actor taking on the role. Hoechlin believes in James Gunn’s vision and direction, and simultaneously tells fans to have an open mind and not be too harsh on whoever gets tapped as Superman next. He adds that people “jump so quickly to say ‘That’s not it, that’s not it!'” and he just wants to encourage viewers to “give them a chance.”

“I would just encourage everybody to whoever the next person ends up being [cast as Superman] give them a chance because I’m sure they will be awesome. I think anyone who does this has a huge love for it and a real care for the character, even me, who didn’t really grow up with the character – you know what Superman means to people, and I think it’s just something that you don’t mess with unless you really have a care for it. I’m excited to see whoever the next person is.”

Tyler Hoechlin

Who are the top three contenders for the new Superman?

The new Superman installment starts filming in January 2024 so James and DC Studios are currently getting closer to finding their new star. According to recent reports, the top three candidates for this role include David Corenswet, Nicholas Hoult and Tom Brittney. They are rumored to currently be doing screen-tests for the reboot, although neither Warner Bros. Discovery nor DC Studios have confirmed or denied this report. Out of three of them, the most popular choice among the franchise fans has been David Corenswet by a long-shot, and this recent news has caused extreme excitement for the fandom. It is, of course, also possible that the studios have more contenders which they have managed to keep under wraps. With this years San Diego Comic-Con around the corner, fans speculate that DC Studios and Gunn might reveal who their new leading star is at the event during the annual Hall H presentation. Hopefully the wait wont be too long!