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Tears and Triumph: James Lance’s Emotional Journey With Trent Crimm In Ted Lasso Season 3

James Lance's Tearful Triumph In Ted Lasso Season 3

Ted Lasso, the heartwarming and wildly popular series, has captured the hearts of viewers around the world with its infectious optimism and lovable characters. Among them is Trent Crimm, the skeptical journalist played by James Lance. As the show progressed, Trent gradually found himself drawn into Ted’s charismatic world of coaching.

However, it was during the filming of Season 3 that James Lance experienced a wave of unexpected emotions upon discovering the expanded role that awaited Trent Crimm.

James Lance Discovering Trent’s Transformation in Ted Lasso Season 3

In a recent interview, James Lance opened up about the profound significance of having a larger role as Trent in Ted Lasso Season 3. The actor shared how a heartfelt discussion with Jason Sudeikis, who plays Ted, stirred even deeper emotions within him, as he gained a deeper understanding of Trent’s character and found a personal connection.

“In Season 3, Trent is really starting to relax, drop his defenses and feel part of the game. And then there was also my experience as James Lance, having just coming in now and again, to spending a lot more time on set with these people. I’m the new boy on the block. So, there was a lot of emotions flying around, for the character and for me.”

James Lance

A pivotal moment occurred when Lance shared his belief that Trent’s tough upbringing influenced his behavior, to which Sudeikis revealed that the series explored the theme of “bad dads.” In just three minutes, this conversation profoundly impacted both Lance’s life and Trent’s journey. Lance tearfully realized the exciting possibilities ahead for the character and himself as an actor. It became the ultimate playground for his craft.

Trent Crimm’s Impact: A Standout Character

With Trent accompanying the team and writing a book about them, he gained a significant role that showcased his insights and meaningful connections. Notably, Trent played a pivotal role in Colin Hughes’ storyline, being the first to recognize and support Colin as a gay man.

Alongside his character growth, Trent’s membership in the Diamond Dogs reflected his positive transformation. His book, “The Richmond Way,” elegantly captured both his personal journey and the essence of the AFC Richmond team.

Ted Lasso’s decision to expand Trent’s role in Season 3 added depth and became one of the season’s most impactful elements.