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Jane Curtin’s Candid Reflections On Early ‘SNL’: Not As Funny As Expected

Jane Curtin Is Cringed Watching Some Of Her Early 'SNL' Work

In a candid moment, ‘SNL’ veteran Jane Curtin opens up about her early days on Saturday Night Live, a show that has become a comedy institution. While ‘SNL’ has seen countless iconic sketches and performances, Curtin confesses that, looking back, she didn’t always find her early work on the show particularly funny.

Jane Curtin’s Honest Reflection on ‘SNL’s Early Years

Jane Curtin recounted a moment when she received a compilation video of the first five years of Saturday Night Live (SNL). She shared that she gave one copy to her daughter and, during a Christmas visit, her son-in-law suggested they watch an episode. Curtin eagerly agreed, anticipating laughter.


However, to her surprise, as they gathered around the TV, the expected humor never materialized. Not a single moment provoked a laugh or a giggle, leaving her taken aback by the lack of comedic appeal in the show’s early years.

Jane Curtin’s ‘SNL’ Journey: From the First Season Onward

Jane Curtin, who was part of the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players when Saturday Night Live (SNL) began in 1975, stayed with the show until the 1979-1980 season. She now believes that the reason those early episodes don’t seem funny anymore is because they are quite old.

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“Remember, this was almost 50 years ago. But after we rewatched, I was like, ‘That really wasn’t a very good show. It was terrible!'”

Jane Curtin

However, she still finds humor in Dan Aykroyd’s Bass-o-matic sketch from that era.