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Jason Momoa Addresses The Raging Wildfires In Maui & Shares His Support

Jason Momoa, the actor and Hawaii native, has expressed his support for the people of Maui as they endure the ongoing wildfires that have destroyed the island. Known for his role as the titular character in Aquaman, Momoa has been a vocal advocate for environmental protection, and has been a key voice in raising awareness on Maui’s crisis. As fires continue to burn across the island, the actor’s messages have prompted more attention and resources toward the fight against the fires and their devastating impacts on the communities.

What did Jason Momoa say about the wildfires in Maui?

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Jason Momoa, the DC actor and Hawaii native, expressed grief and heartbreak on Instagram about the impact of the Maui wildfires on the community. The actor also uploaded photographs and videos from the non-profit ‘Āina Momona that showed the destruction, including Lahaina Town being reduced to ash. “We are devastated and heartbroken for our friends and ‘ohana on Maui who been impacted by the recent wildfires,” he began. After further detailing the devastating condition of Maui, Momoa highlighted Continuing, Momoa added links to fundraisers to help the people and the areas affected by the wildfire.

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“‘Āina Momona is standing up this fundraiser to support our Maui community. All the funds raised will be given to the Hawaii Community Foundation Maui County Strong Fund to support disaster relief on Maui.”

Jason Momoa

What is the condition of Maui right now?

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In his Instagram post, the actor also detailed the current situation in the area with the words: “On Tuesday, August 8, 2023, a terrible combination of drought conditions and hurricane weather led to widespread wildfires across the Island of Maui. Families were forced to evacuate on short notice, many escaping with only the clothes on their backs. Information on injuries and fatalities is still coming in. Lahaina town is gone. Many other places on Maui were also affected. We continue to send pule (prayers) to this incredible community.” According to the Associated Press, at least 53 people have died and many have been injured as a result of the fire, which has destroyed more than 271 houses so far.