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Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Which Of Her Movies She’d Be Proud To Show Her Child

The star of ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise, Jennifer Lawrence gave birth to her son Cy last year in February with art gallerist husband Cooke Maroney. Cy was apparently named after the postwar American painter Cy Twombly who is Cooke’s favorite artist. In an exclusive with E! News, the actress revealed which movies of hers she looks forward to her son watching.

Which movies will Jennifer Lawrence share with her son?

Although the family of three have been on the down low, from what we can tell Jennifer Lawrence is nailing parenting. More than a year after welcoming her son Cy with Cooke Maroney who she married in 2019, Lawrence has shared which movies of hers she’d like to show her baby boy with ‘The Hunger Games’ being on top of the list, and for good reason! When asked about her latest R rated film ‘No Hard Feelings’ Jennifer laughed and added that it probably wont be up Cy’s alley.

“I bet he’ll love The Hunger Games…. I don’t think he’ll want to watch [No Hard Feelings]. I don’t worry about him pushing play on that.”

Jennifer Lawrence

Did having a child affect Jennifer Lawrence’s filming choices?

When asked about whether becoming a mother affected the types of roles Jennifer is interested in, she commented that she doesn’t “think so, only in the sense of, like, when I’m doing something or how much I’m doing has that kind of changed.” One thing we know for sure is that Lawrence is definitely interested in films like her upcoming ‘No Hard Feelings’, about which she revealed that “It was definitely fun. If there’s ever an opportunity to do something this funny again, I would jump at it.”

‘No Hard Feelings’ hits theaters June 23!