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Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Might Be Ending Sooner Than You Think

Since Jujutsu Kaisen manga was adapted for an anime, it has taken the world by storm, and even people who don’t normally read manga have begun to do so in order to find out what will happen next because they can’t wait for the next season of the anime to come out. They were disappointed to learn that the manga was still in progress and had not yet concluded.

However, you might be surprised to learn that it may end sooner than many people believe. While we don’t have a definitive answer and are still working on theories, some of these indicators are quite clear.

Gege Akutami, the manga’s creator, did say that the manga would end in late 2023.

You have been warned that there will be major spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen issue 221 from now on.

Since the beginning of the manga, fans have known that the final battle would be between Gojo and Sukuna. While there have been many twists and turns along the way, that is ultimately where the manga has led us all. Unfortunately, many of our favourite characters died along the way, but that was to be expected given Gege Akutami’s penchant for killing off his characters.

Satoru Gojo had been stuck in the prison realm for quite some time, but when he returned, he was right in front of Sukuna and Kenjaku, the two remaining threats to humanity. All of the fans thought this was it, but these three decided to wait until after Christmas Eve because they have things to do and prepare for the final battle.

Because Gege Akutami is known for dropping hints in his manga, some fans believe that the final issue will also be released on December 24, 2023. And because this is the fight that fans have been waiting for, it is the most logical place to end the manga. After all, no matter who wins in the end, a continuation of the manga would make no sense.

With everything going on, it appears that Christmas Eve will be a special day for Jujutsu Kaisen fans all over the world.