This “Justice League” Trailer Made With Dogs Will Win Your Hearts!

Justice League

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An adorable new video parodies the Justice League trailer with the Pupstice League – a team of super-dogs out to save the day.

The video is set in a quaint suburban house – The Battleground!

The Battleground

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Where the mortal enemy of our super-pups is a………..wait for it………… Vaccum Cleaner!

Look at the lights on that Evil Thing!

Look at the lights on that Evil Thing

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The video includes a black pug as Batman, a collie as Wonder Woman, a bulldog as Aquaman, a wiener dog as Flash, a second pug as Alfred, and a terrier as Cyborg.

Introducing the Team!

Introducing the Team

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The incredible league of extraordinary canine includes:

Princess Diana!

Princess Diana

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The Dark Knight, Batman!

The Dark Knight

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The Flash!

The Flash

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Batman’s Trusted Aide, Alfred!


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As They Say, “Unite the League!”

Unite the League

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But wait a minute, aren’t we missing on something? You’re absolutely right.

Here’s SuperDoggo!


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Not quite a scene-for-scene remake of the trailer (although that would be incredibly impressive), Pupstice League offers a wonderful re-imagining of the Justice League team and trailer from a dogs-eye view. Many of the elements remain, such as the Batman voice-over as the team comes together (To Stand.. And Sit!) and the individual shots of each of the dogs. The enemy has changed to the vacuum cleaner, and seemingly to the owner herself, as her puppy talk (“I want to eat you up”) is changed into a threatening voice.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below and let us know what you think of it!